The main image that a user lands on when visiting the secrets of weight loss website. It is a collage of images, eight in total, showing before and after pictures of people involved in the podcast who have lost weight successfully and kept it off. These 8 images have a single image laying over the top of them which is the logo for the secrets of weight loss with Roberto

The Secrets Of Weight Loss Podcast

Losing weight can be tough; you put in all the effort but don’t see results. yet others seem to lose weight with ease, what’s the secret?

Join Roberto on this inspiring and motivational weight loss journey as he chats to successful weight loss champions to discover their secrets to losing weight and keeping it off.

If they can do it, so can you!

About Roberto

Roberto, your host on The Secrets of Weight Loss Podcast, knows a thing or two about being overweight and very fat! He was once morbidly obese; weighing in at twenty three and a half stone (150.5kg/331.8Ib), nearly as much as two average men! Having tried every diet going, he eventually found something that worked that enabled him to lose ten stone (63.5kg/140Ib). He’s kept that weight off for over ten years!

Along with being a weight loss champion, Roberto is an accomplished presenter. His radio presenting credits include national shows on Capital FM, Heart FM & Smooth Radio. He has interviewed the biggest names in music, and featured in shows on Channel 4 and Sky.