A New weight loss podcast

Losing weight can be hard and confusing; do a search for ‘how to lose weight’ and you you’ll get over a million results back…where do you start?

Forget that and listen to The Secrets of Weight Loss; a new podcast discovering how to lose weight successfully and keep it off. Available wherever you get your podcasts.


About The Secrets Of Weight Loss

Hosted by Roberto, a UK radio presenter and  once morbidly obese guy, each episode involves a weight loss champion chatting about their weight loss journey – what worked, what didn’t, the highs, the lows, the set-backs all the way through to the success and that feeling of finally being happy with their body.

this image shows two pictures of the same man, Roberto - the host of the Secrets of Weight Loss Podcast. The image of him on the left is from when he was fat and weighed twenty three and a half stone. The image on the right is of him after he had lost ten stone.

How to Lose Weight Succesfullly

By listening, you’ll discover successful ways of losing weight and keeping it off that actually work…and we have the evidence to prove it (just look at the transformation pictures).

The Secrets Of Weight Loss Podcast is all about helping others achieve their weight loss goal through the experience and weight loss journeys of people who have actually been fat, know about the struggles in losing weight and just want to help others achieve that same feeling of success.