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Trailer – Intro to The Secrets of Weight Loss

How do you lose weight and keep it off? Join Roberto, UK radio presenter and once morbidly obese main to discover the secrets of weight loss.

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Episode 1 – Six Stone Weight Loss With Something So Simple

an image of two girls, who are the same, however the one on the left is much bigger than the one on the right after an incredible 6 stone weight loss. The image is to promote her episode on The Secrets Of Weight Loss Podcast with Roberto

Kicking of the first season with Beth, who dropped from a size 20 dress to a size 8, in a year! A truly inspiring weight loss story filled with false starts & failed attempts, but what eventually worked was actually very simple.

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Episode 2 – How Does A Proper Foodie Lose Five Stone?

An image showing two girls, the same girl, but looking very different after dramatic weight loss. The image on the left is Becky when she was unhappy with her weight. The image on the right is Becky after losing five stone in weight. The purpose of the image is to show her incredible weight loss for her episode of The Secrets Of Weight Loss with Roberto podcast

A self proclaimed foodie, losing weight was going to be hard. But Becky found something that worked and lost 5 stone. Listen to her weight loss story in episode two of The Secrets Of Weight Loss with Roberto Podcast.

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Episode 3 – This Won’t Be For Everyone, but it worked with an Eight Stone Weight Loss

An image of two ladies, who are the same....but very different. The image on the left is of Nancy when she weighed 19st, the image on the right is after her weight loss surgery. She talks about her gastric surgury experience with Roberto on The Secrets Of Weight Loss Podcast.

8st (50kg / 112Ib) Weight Loss! Nancy has lost an incredible amount of weight with something you might have thought about but were unsure of, or it may never have crossed your mind.

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Episode 4 – The Club Method with Over Five Stone Weight Loss

Two images of Shannon Marie. The left is when she was big, a size 20 dress, the right is after she lost over five stone in weight with slimming world. The images are used to show her weight loss story that she talks about with Roberto in episode 4 of the secrets of weight loss podcast.

What is it REALLY like losing weight with a slimming club?

After negative experiences mentioned in previous episodes, Roberto chats with Shannon about Slimming World. She reveals all about how it works, and how she lost over five stone.

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Episode 5 – It’s All In The Mindset! 8 Stone Natural Weight Loss

two images of Aishah, a girl who has lost 8 stone in weight. The image of the left is of Aishah before losing her weight, the image on the right is after. The images are used to show her extreme weight loss and her weight loss story that she discusses with Roberto on The Secret Of Weight Loss Podcast.

How A Change Of Thining Lead To A HUGE Weight Loss

Aishah had tried to lose weight many times, but nothing worked, until she had a change of how she thought. Hear her inspiring weight loss story and how she lost 8 stone.

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Episode 6 – Hiding Behind Cushions No More! Holly and her 5 stone (70IB) weight loss!

A side by side comparison of 5 steon weight loss. Holly aas a tennager on the left wearing a baggy tshirt to hide her size. On the right, holly wearing a bikkini having lost 5 stone and undergone skin remoal surgery.

Hiding Behind Cushions

When Holly visited friends, the first thing she would do is finding something to hide behind, usually a cushion, as she was embarresed about her size. Hear her story and how she lost 5 stone.

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