An image showing two girls, the same girl, but looking very different after dramatic weight loss. The image on the left is Becky when she was unhappy with her weight. The image on the right is Becky after losing five stone in weight. The purpose of the image is to show her incredible weight loss for her episode of The Secrets Of Weight Loss with Roberto podcast

Episode 2 - Becky

How Does a Proper Foodie Lose 5 stone?

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Roberto 0:00
How do you lose weight successfully? and keep it off? I’m Roberto, your host. And that’s the question I’m answering in this, the secrets of weight loss podcast. Thank you for joining me. Each episode, I’m answering that question by chatting with real people about what really worked for them because losing weight can be a little bit overwhelming. There’s so much information out there. There’s celebrities all over the place trying to push books, apps and diets. There’s personal trainers everywhere. But how many of them have actually been fat lost weight and kept it off?

Roberto 0:30
By listening and subscribing to this podcast, you’ll be giving yourself a head start in how to lose weight and keep it off by hearing from real people who have done exactly that. And if they can do it, so can you. This week, I’m chatting with Becky she’s 23 and self employed, running her own online accessory store. Her story is one that I think is true for many of us: you find a partner you settle down, you get into a comfort zone of eating bad food and takeaways things like that, before you know it, you’ve piled on the pounds. When Becky was big, she didn’t want to go out she lost friends and only ever ordered clothes online because she couldn’t bear the thought of trying things on in store. I’ll let her tell you more about that, along with what eventually worked for her. The views expressed by Becky from her own personal experience and are not those of the secrets of weight loss podcast or myself. On the website you’ll be able to read a transcribed version of this episode along with links to apps and items mentioned by Becky. So, without further ado, let’s meet Becky. The secrets of weight loss. So, Becky let’s start with the figures What did you weigh at your heaviest?

Becky 1:40
so I at my highest I was 202 pounds and I’m now 136 pounds

Roberto 1:46
do you know what that in stones, I’m rubbish in pounds?

Becky 1:46
I think it’s, I think it’s about, I think it was 14 stones seven and I’m not sure now I think it’s like nine stone 10, 11 something

Roberto 2:02
that is impressive, like a five stone weight loss then?

Becky 2:05

Roberto 2:06
amazing. Well done.

Becky 2:07
It’s been rad Thank you so much.

Roberto 2:09
What does it feel like now you’ve lost all this weight?

Becky 2:11
Honestly, like it’s like a weight lifted off my shoulders

Roberto 2:15
quite literally

Becky 2:16
It’s the best I can describe it. Yeah, like in myself like it’s so much easier for me to go out and do things and being 23 year old girl I’m like ‘Yeah, I want to dress nice look nice take lots of pictures’ whereas before with the weight loss I’d be like ‘don’t get me in a picture’ I didn’t do anything, I don’t want to go anywhere I want to sit in my bedroom all day.

Roberto 2:34
And now you’re just like right let’s get out there let’s have some fun.

Becky 2:37
Yeah, apart from obviously with COVID it’s

Roberto 2:40
yeah, the fun biti doesnt happen so much with Covid. You mentioned dresses in there and stuff do you know what dress size you were and what you are now?

Becky 2:49
Yeah, so I was I was a size 16 and biggest and then now on a 10 there’s some some things I can squeeze into an eight but a comfortable 10

Roberto 2:59
How did you feel when you went shopping when you were a size 16?

Becky 3:02
I didnt, I’do it all online so that I could ,I could have it you know in the privacy of my own home if it didn’t fit I could send the whole thing back. But yeah, I wouldn’t I wouldn’t go into shops and try thingson, it was just impossible

Roberto 3:16
and now now you’re quite happy going around shopping and…

Becky 3:19
yeah, I hardly try anything on anymore. I actually had something come up on my memories on Facebook. And it was me a year ago and I I went shopping and I tried some jeans on and they were so small from H&M, I was like ‘oh my god I fit into them’

Roberto 3:35
It’s a great feeling

Becky 3:36
As if I actually fit, it really is

Roberto 3:38
So, how long did it take you to lose all this weight in total?

Becky 3:41
So, I’ve been maintaining for a few months now but probably about 13 months to get to the point I am now and then for the past four months I’ve been maintaining my weight and not wanting to lose any more, I’m comfortable with where I’m at.

Roberto 3:55
So you lost five stone basically in a year.

Becky 3:57
Yeah, because the diet that I chose was basically low carb. So yeah, contributed a lot to me losing that weight so quickly.

Roberto 4:09
We’ll chat more, obviously, about how you lost the weight in a bit but for now tell me how did you get big to start with? Have you always been big since since you were a kid?

Becky 4:18
No, I was really slender as a kid. It was basically when I met my husband who was obviously then my boyfriend we would have three takeaways a week with sit in and binge and

Roberto 4:29
that comfort thing like yeah, just chilling out together, have a another take away, can’t be bothered to cook.

Becky 4:34
Honestly, yeah. And then because we both worked full time. I would just be like yeah, um, can’t be bothered literally just order all the time.

Roberto 4:43
So did he get big as well? Did he pile on the pounds?

Becky 4:45
No, because he’s really sporty, just me that was getting bigger. No he he’s really sporty person. So you know he was going football and cricket and all these things and then there’s me like veggie now at home with my pizza to myself.

Roberto 5:00
Do you remember what it felt like as you were getting bigger and piling on the pounds, because you must have noticed it.

Becky 5:05
Yeah, yeah.

Roberto 5:06
How did it feel? And why didn’t you do anything about it at the time?

Becky 5:09
Um, I don’t know why I didn’t do anything about it. To be honest, I did try a couple of diets, but nothing seriously. But it’s, it felt awful. Like I said before, I didn’t want to do anything. I just wanted to stay at home all the time. I didn’t have the energy to be like, let’s go and do this. I kind of lost some friendships in the, in the midst of things because I was staying at home all the time. And I wasn’t making an effort to go out and do things.

Roberto 5:37
And I suppose that was down to the fact that you were getting bigger and you were more embarrassed about going out. You didn’t want people to see you the size you were,

Becky 5:43
there’d be so many times, just before I got to a stage where I was uncomfortable where we’d you know, if I’d go out for a meal with my friends, and we’d take a photo and I’d be like, Oh, god, I’m the massive one.

Roberto 5:55
You’d be the one trying to hide in the back so that people couldn’t see you kind of thing sometimes.

Becky 5:58
Yeah, yeah. And it’s not. I mean, it’s it’s not a nice feeling if everyone around you so slender, and then you’re self conscious. And they’re like ‘No, you look great’. And you’re like, ‘yeah, you’re lieing though’

Roberto 6:09
Yeah. You know, they’re lying. They’re just trying to make you feel good. Did your partner ever say anything to you about about your weight? Or was he just like, I love you no matter what.

Becky 6:19
Yeah, literally, he’s, he’s always been kind and supportive, etc. And then it’s only now when I show him my transformation photos. He was like, I never remember you looking like that, though. So yeah, he’s, he’s, he’s been great throughout everything. Even when I was big to now.

Roberto 6:37
Oh, bless him. So why did you eat then in a day? Or what would a normal day be for you before you lost weight?

Becky 6:44
Well, when when when I was able to get up and go to work, I had the worst eating habits. So it would be you know, I’d be on a morning shift. And I’d start at 10 o’clock. So I would go into town, grab a Starbucks and have the pumpkin spice latte and some fruit toast or something.

Roberto 7:02
Loads of sugar in those syrups and stuff.

Becky 7:04
Yeah. And then I would go to work and then I’d have like a 20 minute morning break where I would have breakfast then. So I have like a pre breakfast and then breakfast. And then I’d have my lunch like late afternoon, which would usually be something you know, processed meat and chips. And then then I’d go home and have dinner, which would usually be something frozen, I’d stick in the oven and take 20 minutes and be done. And then I’d probably have a pudding, cake donuts, fill my boots up with the sugar. Yeah, it wasn’t great. I actually used to I I say this to my friends All the time and take the Mick out myself. I used to have pasta sachets in a sandwich. Like it was crazy. I can’t believe I used to eat these.

Roberto 7:54
But you don’t know about it at the time do you because I dare say like like a lot of people I’ve spoken to you you’ve educated yourself about food now as well. since you’ve lost weight and at time when you’re doing those things that are making you fat you don’t realise how bad they are for you like the Starbucks drink the amount of sugar is in the syrup and stuff like that, you dont know.

Becky 8:11
I know it’s it’s so mad and you know what no one says anything while you’re in this this sort of junk it’s only when you start eating healthy do you get criticism about what you’re eating!

Roberto 8:21
It’s so true. Like why you always eating that salad? Why didn’t have any cake or anything naughty? I do, I don’t have it all the time. I say salads there you probably don’t have that much salad though because the way you lost weight doesn’t involve salad like like a lot of people think a diet has to

Becky 8:35
I do eat a lot of salads but yeah it is it’s a lot broader is a lot there’s a lot of different or a normal diet for what most people have.

Roberto 8:44
will go into the food in a bit that you eat now. What diets did you try then, because obviously you must have got to a point where you thought ‘right ,okay I don’t want to be fat anymore, I want to try losing weight’ What diets did you try that didn’t work?

Becky 8:55
um so I tried a lot of you know the plan diets Weight Watchers, Slimming World’s like calorie counting diets, but I I’m a class myself as a massive foodie so yeah, restricting in my calories

Roberto 9:10
not gonna be good if you’re a massive foodie, is it, counting those calories!

Becky 9:13
No, it’s really not. So I was like, oh, you know what, this just doesn’t work for me. I feel so hungry. I don’t feel like I’m eating enough. My meals are tiny. They’re smaller now than what they used to be but I just Yeah, they just weren’t working for me. I actually, before I started the diet I’m on now, the January before it’s when I started dieting properly and I literally maybe lost two pounds in a couple of months. Like it just wasn’t, I wasn’t losing any weight and I was like I know I have weight to lose but I just couldn’t do it because I couldn’t stick to the plan for long enough to to for it to work really

Roberto 9:49
And that gets depressing on its own, doesnt it, that gets you down when you’re when you’re doing everything you can buy the books try and lose weight and there’s just no results.

Becky 9:56

Roberto 9:56
Did you do any exercise at the time?

Becky 9:58
No, I didnt, to be fair the only exercise I do now is walking, because I, I just can’t go to the gym like I just, I don’t have it just drains me.

Roberto 10:08
What is it about the gym you don’t like? Is it? Is it the monotony of it or what?

Becky 10:12
I think it’s more just go in alone, you know you had somebody to go to or if I used to go to the classes, that’d be fine. Bringing myself to go to that alone and have the motivation to actually do things. I just, it’s just not feasible for me. The classes are the only things that I’d be able to do and enjoy doing rather than anything else.

Roberto 10:31
So let’s get into what works for you then because it sounds amazing. You don’t count calories. You don’t go to the gym, but you still lost weight and look great. So what is it you’ve been doing?

Becky 10:40
So yes, it’s a low carb diet. So I you know, I do, I did still count calories, but it wasn’t like a low calorie diet that I was doing before. So I wasn’t strict with it anywhere between 1200 to 1500 calories a day, which gave me you know that 300 calorie leeway was perfect for me. And then yeah, low carb. So cut out bread, pasta, rice, all of that. I could have eight substitutes now. So

Roberto 11:11
Okay, so how did you feel when you cut out bread and pasta? I love bread. And I love pasta in general. I think a lot of people agree.

Becky 11:17

Roberto 11:17
Oh my god, how do you cut out?

Becky 11:19

Roberto 11:19
How did you feel when you cut that out? And what have you substitute it with?

Becky 11:22
So the first week when I cut out, I was like, Oh, I just want a sandwich. It’s so easy to make, it’s so quick. After that, you kind of you get past a point where you’re like, I just don’t fancy it anymore. I’d rather have, you know, some snacks instead. Rather than do myself a big sandwich. And the substitutes, I can find a lot online that I order for bread. And I there’s a low carb pasta that I order is out, which is really nice. But when I started I would substitute the breads. So if I was doing a rap, I grill like Edam slices to make, to make them like crispy and then use that as a wrapped it’s like a cheese wrap instead. Or if it’s pasta then I’d like do you know spiralize veg instead. So it’d be healthier than using the pasta. And I’ve just gotten so used to cooking like that now. But you know, having even the low carb substitutes, I’m like, Oh, this is a treat.

Roberto 12:23
It’s great that you look at it like that. So you’re basically doing the keto diet, then?

Becky 12:28

Roberto 12:28
That would be it, and there’s different forms the keto diet, I know that

Becky 12:31

Roberto 12:32
So you have a low carb, do you have high protein is that you try and stick to,

Becky 12:36
I don’t, I don’t tend to track my protein. There’s a lot of people that do. There’s a lot of keto calculators for you, it will come up because of your age, height, etc. How much protein and fat you should have, which a lot of people stick to.

Roberto 12:48
So for anyone that doesn’t know, the keto diet is when you basically have low carb and high protein and you train your body to, I suppose, you train your body to run off the protein and burn fat, don’t you rather than running off carbs, which a body would normally do?

Becky 13:02
Yeah, so your body usually would burn carbs for energy, but on keto, and you’re because you’re not having you’re only having 20 grammes a day carb maximum. So you would, your body would burn fat and then stored fat for energy instead of the carbohydrates. So now I’m maintaining I don’t, I don’t track it at all. Because if it even if I go over my carbs, I’m not gaining the weight, my body’s using it as energy instead, but still eating that sort of food.

Roberto 13:34
I get it. So in the beginning, then you said you obviously you crave bread and things like that, how easy was it to stick to this, and why did this one work compared to anything else.

Becky 13:44
Urm, it was it was kind of easy for me to stick to because I had a clear goal I wanted to get to. So I was actually getting married when I started off, getting married two months after that, so I only had two months, I was like, I just want to lose a little bit of weight. So you know, look a little bit better. And I just I wasn’t planning on losing as much as I had. And so that’s why it was probably easier for me to stick to but I think if you do set yourself a clear goal. And instead of just being like I just want to lose weight, I just want to look back if you set yourself a goal, like I want to lose this many pounds and this time, it’s easier to stay on course. And how I got used to it was checking Pinterest for low carb substitutes of the food that I liked. So you know, I love a good classic bangers and mash. So I get some gluten free sausages instead which are a lot lower, lower in carbs. And then cook up some cauliflower mash. Add my gravy. Perfect.

Roberto 14:48
Oh, I didn’t know that about gluten free stuff. That’s lower carb normally, isn’t it?

Becky 14:53
Yeah.So you’ll have the, you know, like in a normal sausage they’ll put grain and flour and things like that in it whereas In a gluten free sausage they tend to be a lot lower same with burgers. So I like Lidl is my go to for free sausages and burgers, it’s incredible food then. So yeah, you can like look in the shops and just checking the labels on a couple of extra things really helps with low carb,

Roberto 15:20
did you use an app at the time when you started out then to help you get into it?

Becky 15:24
Yeah, I use an app called carb manager. So, you can literally put in the brand and what you’re having, and it will come up with how many carbs per serving or whatever. So I would plan my day via the app. So if I knew like I got five grammes left over, so if I wanted to have a snack, I could have bla bla bla bla, I did that for maybe the first couple months. And then after my wedding was a bit more when I was lenient with my diet,

Roberto 15:48
you mentioned going shopping there and putting the brand in and coming up with everything. Why don’t you go out for a meal? Does it work then as well?

Becky 15:54
Yeah. I actually love going to Miller and Carter all the time. So but even if I put into the app and say like Miller and Carter Burger, no bun, it will come up on there and tell me the content in that.

Roberto 16:09
So the weight started to drop off, and you were feeling great, and you carried on sticking with the keto diet? Yes. How do you maintain it on the keto diet? Is it? Is it something easy to do? Or are you tempted to come off of it? Or

Becky 16:21
No, I haven’t been tempted to come off purely because whenever I do have, you know, if I’m like, I’ll just be naughty, and then I’ll just feel so sluggish and bloated and they don’t want to do anything the day after. Whereas when I’m on keto, I feel like I have the energy to get up and do things like I want to. I want to be productive. I don’t just want to sit in bed and be sluggish.

Roberto 16:42
I’ve read about the keto diet previously, and I’ve heard people have bad side effects on the keto diet.

Becky 16:49

Roberto 16:50
Have you experienced any of those, like nausea? You just mentioned lack of energy, but that was when you eat a normal food, for example, did you experience lack of energy or headaches or anything like that, whilst doing the keto or has your body now got so used to it that it is just it is what it is. And you don’t have those effects?

Becky 17:05
I don’t have those effects anymore. I haven’t in a while. It’s just, it is really whenever I cheat on the diet and then go back into it is when I get symptoms again, I never really have the nausea or anything but headaches around, yeah, the day. I’ll start the diet again to say like after I’ve been on holiday, if I come back, start low carb again. And then that evening, I’ll have a headache. And then but then I’ll wake up the next day and I’ll feel fine. And I’ll be back onto keto. But I might feel a bit sluggish for a couple of days. While I’m, you know, withdrawing from my binge on holiday

Roberto 17:41
You’re on holiday, everyone does it, don’t they. Do you think you’ll stick with keto? Then if you found something that works for you? Is this going to be your thing from now on?

Becky 17:47
I think that for now it’s worked. It’s working fine. I don’t know why I’d stray from it. Like I said, I mean, I’ve maintained for the past four months without having to, you know, you know, when you’re on a diet and you are tracking everything, I don’t feel like I do that anymore. I just feel like it’s just a way of a way of eating. So that’s really worked for me and I know a lot of people who are I have on social media, who have done this as well for over a couple of years. And they, they’re still sticking to it and they’re absolutely fine. Last time I went to the doctors and stuff they were like, Are you the healthiest you’ve ever been? And I’m like, thank you. Even though I got a criticism with what I eat.

Roberto 18:24
Your food looks amazing, though. On your Instagram, the food you eat. I’m tempted to try the keto diet cuz it looks so delicious. You got like, what was one you did the other day? It’s Yeah, you can’t go to German market. So you’ve done some sausages with all the onions on top and stuff like that. It looks like proper mouth watering.

Becky 18:41
Honestly, the food is so nice. Like, I don’t feel like I miss eating normal foods because there’s just little little tweaks you can make to your meals to make them low carb. It’s so nice. Like, I really wanted to Chinese of the day at my favourite takeaway before I started this diet, and my husband was like, No, you can’t have that. Why don’t you just make one at home? And I was like, Okay, okay, so I made one and I knew what that was so nice, like satay chicken. And it was cauliflower rice instead of normal rice. But I like egg fried it and things and it was so good. And I was like, You know what, I’m not even sure why I wanted to go to the takeaway. This was so much nicer.

Roberto 19:20
I always get that craving for a takeaway, but then feel guilty afterwards for eating it and think, Oh, yeah, I really need that. I could have made something here and it would have been better for me. We ran through earlier on what you ate previously. So what do you eat now in a day,

Becky 19:34
meal wise it changes all the time because I like to branch out like I said, I’m a bit of a foodie but it tends to be I’ll wake up in the morning and I’ll have a coffee first thing. No pumpkin spice no syrpes, unless it’s sugar free. And then, maybe around 11 o’clock depending on how hungry I am, I’ll have maybe a bowl of granola, just nuts, not oats, so there’s a lot of key brands that I can have.

Roberto 20:02
So lots of protein in the nuts, obviously.

Becky 20:04
Yeah. And then come lunchtime. It’s, it varies so much, because sometimes I’ll be like, I just want a snack. So I’ll have like, just meat and cheese or whatever. And then I know what you mentioned about salads earlier. I do have a lot of salads, it tends to be like burger, no bun, side salad. And I’ll bread some chicken strips with Almond crumb instead of actual bread crumbs. And I’ll have that with a salad and the spiralized pasta, anything like that. I have on really strict keto people don’t have root veggie at all, but I do eat some swede and celeriac as well because they’re quite low in carbs and they’re great potato substitutes. And yeah, and then I’ll pick a protein. Usually I’m adding cheese on everything so I’ll add some cheese.

Roberto 20:54
It sounds like my ideal diet. I love cheese as well, imagine that cheese on everything

Becky 20:58
I know

Roberto 20:58
sounds great. We mentioned exercise earlier on you don’t go to the gym you just walk Do you walk excessive amounts to get in a quota of exercise every day or not? Or do you just you just like walking places?

Becky 21:10
I do just like walking paces when I was purposely losing weight I was walking a lot more than what I do now. But I did 10k steps every other day. And luckily for me I got a marsh like five minutes from my house it was beautiful to walk around. But usually now I’ll probably I’ll do like 5k every day so it’s kind of works out the same I’m working each day it gets difficult when it’s a lot colder, like it is now.

Roberto 21:37
That’s that’s great though 5k a day walking that’s a good chunk of exercise, so so you do actually do some exercise.

Becky 21:43

Becky 21:44
It’s not just all the food. I was gonna say this is a miracle diet, lets all get on it. What is your one guilty pleasure. Is there one thing that you just cannot give that up? I don’t care what this keto diet is saying I must have that in my life or is there not anything like that you are you that much into keto that you like no,

Becky 22:01
I don’t know anything that I’m like. I can’t make keto that I cheat on

Roberto 22:07
What about chocolate? Do you have chocolate?

Becky 22:09
I do. But I can have

Roberto 22:10
ice cream

Becky 22:11
keto chocolate but I can have low carb ice cream as well.

Roberto 22:14
Theres keto chocolate, what does it taste like?

Becky 22:16
It’s so nice. So if you like dark chocolate, there’s loads of varieties and you can have that I’ve just had from one of I have like a monthly box that comes to me full of keto goodies. And and in there was a milk chocolate caramel bar, which came from Belgium and it was so nice. And it was like four gramme carbs or something for the bar. And I was like, Oh my god, how is this? keto? It’s crazy.

Roberto 22:44
I didn’t know keto was such a big thing. You’d get keto boxes and stuff like that.

Becky 22:47
Yeah, it’s really, really big in America at the minute you can go into like, Walmart and Target and they’ve got like keto sections specifically. And it’s branching out a little bit more over here in the UK. Hopefully in a couple of years. There’ll be a lot more variety yet. Look, there’s loads of great places. So yeah, I have a box that comes and which is 30 pound a month, but it’s full of like 10 plus items. There’s that like last month I had coffee in there. I’ve had like some pancake mix, which is keto.

Roberto 23:19
What do you say keto coffee what what what’s wrong with normal?

Becky 23:22
There’s nothing wrong, but like flavoured coffees.

Roberto 23:24
So your one secret to weight loss would be the keto diet,

Becky 23:28
it’s been the only one to work for me I now obviously there’s a lot of people who wouldn’t be able to stick to it because of the substitutes. They don’t like very much. But I would recommend anyone to try it at least if you try it for a couple of weeks if you can’t stick to it and it’s not for you then obviously you can move on and try something else but there’s no harm in trying for a couple of weeks and being like you know what, I’ve lost a couple of pounds. I’ll carry on a bit more and a bit more and see how it

Roberto 23:58
and you’re you’re incredible I can’t believe it what five stone in 12 months it’s just absolutely do you mind me asking a question? Do you have any kind of loose skin or anything or are you are you lucky in the fact that you’re that young your skin is just kind of bounced back

Becky 24:12
No, I do have loose skin so under my arms and around my stomach I have loose skin that I think if I did exercise properly and I worked out that it would probably tighten and but Yeah, I do. I do have that I take some collagen powder a couple of times a week to help with skin elas, elas

Roberto 24:32
I know the word you’re trying to say, elasticity

Becky 24:34
Elasticity, yeah and to help as well. But I’m not conscious of it. Like even when I’ve been able to get away on holiday. You know, I’m I feel more confident wearing a bikini instead of a one piece now even with my lose skin on my stomach because feeling better in your own skin, even if you’ve got flaws. I don’t I’m showing them now. Whereas before be like, no, I want a t-shirt and trousers.

Roberto 25:05
And it’s gonna be super baggy and I don’t want anyone looking at me etcetera. Okay, one last thing. And this could be the keto diet or it could be anything else. What would be your one piece of advice for someone who wants to lose weight? Is it as you said earlier on to have a goal? Or is it the keto diet? Or or what? What’s your one piece of advice?

Becky 25:24
No, I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t tell everyone to do that this diet only if you think it would work for you. My best advice that I tell anyone that comes to me saying, Have you got any advice for newbies is to set yourself a clear goal. If you don’t have that, it’s so much harder. You don’t you don’t know what direction you’re going with. I mean, it could it might be way it could be I want to get down to this clothing size. I want to be able to fit back into these old jeans. If you’ve got that goal, you have something to work towards. If you just think I don’t like the way I look, I want to lose weight. And then you start it’s so much easier to fall off the waggon because you’re not working towards something.

Roberto 25:59
You end up just drifting, don’t you and not as you said, focusing on one thing getting into those jeans or as yours was losing weight for the wedding. So you look look amazing.

Becky 26:08

Roberto 26:08
And and you achieve dthat.

Becky 26:10
Yeah, I mean, I look back at my wedding photos now. And I think oh my god, I look so big there, I wish I would have started beforehand. But you know, I had already lost like a stone by that point. So

Roberto 26:19
and you’ve gone on to lose five stone, which is just incredible. Becky, thank you so much for your time today and for sharing your weight loss story.

Becky 26:26
Yeah, thank you for having me. It’s been nice to talk about it openly because I don’t really get the chance.

Roberto 26:31
It’s been an absolute pleasure. If you’ve got any questions about the keto diet, or how Becky lost her weight. You can get in touch with her on Instagram, it’s Becker’s keto diary. I’ll put a link to that on our website the secrets of weight loss calm along with other links that Becky mentioned. Or you can find it on my instagram. Roberto Presents. Make sure you hit subscribe and join us next week. So I’ve got another amazing weight loss story for you. This time from a lady who did something very drastic. And all I’m going to say is, this won’t be for everyone. The secrets of weight loss. Find out more